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"Kansas City Kitty" is a unique name that frequently draws the attention of our customers.

The origin of our name comes from a cartoon character named, "Kansas City Kitty."
She makes her single appearance in a 1941 black and white Porky Pig short entitled "We, the Animals Squeak!"
In the Looney Tunes short, Kansas City Kitty is a champion mouse-catcher who is forced to rescue her son, Patrick, after he is kidnapped by a group of mice who are frustrated that Kitty keeps all the food away from them.
You'll have to check out the 7-minute short online if you're curious to see what happens to Kansas City Kitty and Patrick!
The story is such a fun little cartoon that it stuck with our owner, Christie, for years.
Even now, 20 years after our inception, the name still draws people in from all over.
Who knew that the name of an ambitious Mama cat could serve as a cute name for our little shop?
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